Tom’s Reg File Viewer Professional

Tom’s Reg File Viewer Professional is a software that can render Registry-Files (*.REG) and Registry-Hives (*.DAT, *.HIV, *.LOG, *.LOG1, *.LOG2. *.SAM, *.SAV, or any other suitable extension) under a common interface.

What is the difference between registry files and registry hives?

Its surface is inspired by the (well known) Windows Registry Editor. It is more than a simple Viewer, but quite not an Editor. So, it will neither change the files itself or the registry of your computer. Security settings in registry hives can be viewed als well. Changing or editing of security settings is not possible. Only registry hives do contain security settings like windows registry keys.

It provides a history list, a favorites list, and a search result list. Searching files for text pattern using regular expressions via PCRE or wildcards (“*” and “?”) are also implemented. Tom’s RegFileViewer Professional does even more:

– it converts Registry-Files from (*.REG) to Registry-Hives (*.DAT, *,HIV, *.LOG,  *.LOG1, *.LOG2, *.SAM, *.SAV, *).
– it converts Registry-Hives (*.DAT, *,HIV, *.LOG,  *.LOG1, *.LOG2, *.SAM, *.SAV, *) to  Registry-Files (*.REG).
– it shows the appropriate Dialogs for Registry-Hives Security Options (DACL, SACL, Group, User) on every key.
– it allows to select registry keys and/or branches via checkboxes and save them in a new Registry-File (*.REG) or in a new Registry-Hive (*.DAT, *.HIV, *.LOG, *.LOG1, *.LOG2, *.SAM, *.SAV, *) for further working. You can enable or disable these checkboxes at any time you want.
There is a free 15-Days-Demo available right here: The only limitations concern the maximum file size of 40 MB for displaying/converting Registry Files or Registry Hives.

Toms Reg File Viewer Professional

Converts Registry-Hives to Registry-Files…

Toms Reg File Viewer Professional

..and Registry-Files to Registry-Hives!

View various security settings of registry-hives!
(This settings cannot be changed or edited).

Toms Reg File Viewer Professional

Fast mode to choose and save – in any way you want. Press [Strg] to select or unselect a single key without touching its subkeys.

Toms Reg File Viewer Professional

Selectable Items at any time!

Toms Reg File Viewer Professional

Detailed and sortable text pattern search results. History tracking and favorites handling. The last-write-time property of
registry hives is also shown in your search results table. Search results can be saved in registry files (*.reg), registry hives (*.dat) or
Comma Separated Values (*.csv).

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